2019 Fall Tour Drive Registration & Routes

Friday October 25th


Friday's Route

We will leave by 9:00am

Plenty of stops and we'll arrive in Harrison before dinner.

Saturday October 26th


Saturday's Route will consist of 2 legs.  AM-to lunch at Big Cedar.  PM Big Cedar back to Harrison.

Both of these legs have some exciting driving on them.

This is a Tour, not a Race.   Relax and Have Fun!

Sunday October 27th


Sunday will be lots of fun.  A nice drive and some beautiful turns to a picnic lunch at Devil's Den State Park.  Then, the back roads out to Oklahoma and then into Tulsa.  The trip will end with the Tulsa stop and everyone can go their own way and speed getting home there.

Registration is Full

Register as an Alternate and if a place opens up, we'll bring you in!

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Places Reserved

1. Hintze - Macan

2. Bottrell - 911

3. Pardue - 911

4. Stewart - Macan

5. Hardin - 911

6. Harbert - 911

7. Tigert - Cayenne

8. Dale - 911

9. Rollins - 911

10. Swope - Cayman

11. Leaton - Boxster

12. Burnett - Cayman

13. McKone - Cayenne

14. Porter - Boxster

15. Payne - Macan

16. Brakhage - 911

17. Jewell - Boxster

18. Goodman C. - 911

19. Temple, J. - Boxster

20. Temple, Y. - 911

21. Clay - Cayman

22. Hess - 911

Registration is Full.

Now that the registration is full, if you would like to go, 

please fill out the alternate registration form above.

If someone can't make it, We'll bring you in!

We have 8 first timers on this trip which is really great!  



Downloadable Route pdf files

Friday Route (pdf)


Saturday AM Route (pdf)


Saturday PM Route (pdf)


Sunday AM Route (pdf)


Sunday PM Route (pdf)